February 23, 2019 | Nick Johnson
We can give you access to a loan product with little to ZERO closing costs.   Have you heard of this and do you understand what that means?

Zero Origination fee (typically 1%)
Zero Processing fee (typically $625)
Zero Underwriting fee (typically $875)
Zero Junk Fees (can range $4k to $9k)
PLUS - a free 1k to use on other closing costs, title fees, mortgage insurance, etc....
So on a $250k loan you save around 5k, on a $750k loan around $10k

When I really figured out what our company was offering I couldn't believe it wasn't catching on faster. At this point it is one of our biggest advantages over competing Real Estate companies. It's another example of how implementation takes time and people take time to change. Our team is making a concerted effort to change this for your benefit and ours.

How does it help us as agents?  The only way you get the discount is to first hire a KELLER WILLIAMS agent.  As a buyer the benefit is obvious but you can also benefit as a seller. Because when a KW agent sells your home, they can offer the buyer access to the savings, regardless of which agency represents the buyer.  That means when a buyer asks our seller client to pay their closing costs we have an alternative and now we can also save our seller $5k-10k.  

SKEPTICS - The first question that needs to be answered is how? And why would they do this? We all have bills to pay right?

HOW - No marketing costs, they only work within KW and have One hundred eighty thousand agents promoting their product. They operate on a volume basis. And finally, there is limited bricks and mortar to support.
WHY - We are a Real Estate company first and foremost. This company was created to support that goal to become the next greatest mortgage company.
YEAH BUT - The company of course makes money. They make it on the yield spread or interest rate just like any other mortgage company. I encourage you or any of my clients to compare and shop the rate if you so choose.

Please reach out to me if you wish to learn more about the ZERO PLUS Loan.



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